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Toenail fungus often becomes a painful and embarrassing chronic condition because fungal toenail infections are hard to treat. Clearanail® changes the outcome, however, which is why New York Foot Experts: Daniel Drapacz, DPM offers the highly-effective treatment. Clearanail's cutting-edge technology allows topical medications to reach below the nail and destroy the fungal infection so you can finally regain healthy toenails and feet. To learn more about Clearanail, contact one of Dr. Drapacz's offices in New York, conveniently located in Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan, Harlem, the Upper East Side, and the Financial District.

Clearanail® Q & A

What condition is treated using Clearanail®?

Clearanail is a medical device that was specially designed to help treat onychomycosis, or toenail fungus. The Clearanail device doesn't directly address the fungus, but it makes it possible for topical medication to reach the fungal infection beneath the toenail more efficiently.

What causes toenail fungus?

It's easy to pick up a toenail fungus because the microorganisms naturally live in the environment. The microorganisms aren't usually harmful because they can't penetrate your skin, but when your toenail or the skin around it has a small tear or crack, the organisms get through the opening and grow under the nail.

Since fungi thrive in dark, moist environments, a fungal infection can become a chronic problem due to foot sweat and poorly-ventilated shoes. When you have a toenail fungus, your toenails thicken and become discolored, usually changing to shades of yellow or brown.

As the infection progresses, your toenail becomes misshapen, and the edges become brittle and cracked. If the infection spreads throughout a large portion of the toenail, the nail grows loose and may fall off.

How does Clearanail work?

The first line of treatment for toenail fungus is a topical antifungal medication. The problem with topical medications is that they often can’t treat the fungus alone because their ability to penetrate the toenail and affect the fungus below the nail is limited.

Clearanail solves that problem by making micro-holes through the nail. The holes are very small — about the width of four human hairs — but they’re large enough to allow topical medications to get through the nail to reach the fungal infection.

What should you expect during Clearanail treatment?

Clearanail is a handheld device that resembles an oversized pen. Dr. Drapacz holds the tip of the device against your toenail, and then it drills tiny holes using its patented Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) technology. CMP makes Clearanail an intelligent drill because it's an automated fail-safe system that ensures it only goes through your nail without touching the skin below the nail.

Your treatment with Clearanail is painless and only takes about 30 minutes. The holes stay in your nail until it grows out. As a result, you can continue to apply your topical medication according to the instructions without going back for a second Clearanail session. Most patients see an improvement in their toenail in two to eight weeks.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation about your toenail fungus, call one of the offices, or click to use the online booking tool. For your convenience, we have evening and Saturday appointments, and can even schedule the same day, if needed.

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