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Ingrown toenails as well as other toenail problems can cause major issues such as pain, swelling, and pus. Some other symptoms when you should visit a podiatrist include bleeding, brittle nails, difficulty in walking, and change of the color of your nail. If you’re dealing with the toenail issue, talk to our podiatrist, Dr. Daniel Drapacz, DPM, at New York Foot Experts. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC.

Toenail Specialist Near Me in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC
Toenail Specialist Near Me in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC

Table of Contents:

What are the common toenail problems? 
What are the signs of an unhealthy toenail? 
What causes toenail problems?

What are the common toenail problems? 

There are many toenail problems we often see at our clinic, a few of them are:

1. Toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is quite common, one may start to notice a white or yellow spot under the tip of the toenail, it will make it way deeper into the toenail which will make it discolored and even become thicker. A few symptoms to look out for if you have toenail fungus includes:

⦁ Discolored nails (white, or yellow)
⦁ Thickened nails
⦁ Misshaped nails
⦁ Brittle nails
⦁ Crumbling nails
⦁ Foul-smelling nails

2. Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenails are another very common toenail issue, and only occurs on the side of the toenail and grows into the skin. Ingrown toenails are often caused by cutting your nails too short, adding an unnecessary curve to the toenail when cutting them, injuring the toenail, or having large or curved toenails. The main symptoms of an ingrown toenail include:

⦁ Redness
⦁ Pain that occurs alongside the nail
⦁ Swelling that occurs around the toenail
⦁ Pus that begins to drain out from the ingrown toenail

3. Toenail trauma

You can have toenail trauma occur by stubbing your toe, accidentally dropping a heavy item onto your foot, wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or picking at the nails.

Some of the symptoms that you may notice what toenail trauma include:

⦁ Pain to the toenail
⦁ A very red or purple spot is noticed under the nail
⦁ A nail that has been torn or split
⦁ Lifting of the nail
⦁ Thickened toenail
⦁ Discoloration of the nail
⦁ Bleeding under or around the nail

4. Clubbed nails

Clubbed nails are nails that are widened, like a club, often a clubbed nail occurs due to an underlying medical condition or it is inherited. Symptoms that occur with clubbed nails include:

⦁ Wider toenails
⦁ A downward curve of the toenails
⦁ The pronounced angle of the toenails
⦁ Nail beds are softened
⦁ Nails are lifted
⦁ The tips of the toes are bulging

5. Discoloration of the nail

Discoloration of the toenail is one of the least worried issues we deal with at our clinic. Nails can often be discolored due to many factors like die getting onto your nails and staining them, drugs from antibiotics, autoimmune medication, or other meditations. It’s not often painful and normally improves with time as the nail grows out.

6. Nail-patella syndrome

This is a very rare condition, it changes the nails, elbows, hip bone, and knee caps due to a genetic mutation.

A few of the symptoms of this rare condition include:

⦁ Toenails that are underdeveloped
⦁ Toenails that are missing
⦁ Toenails that are rigid, or have become split
⦁ Toenails that are discolored
⦁ Small growths that appear on the hip bones
⦁ Pain in the knees and elbows
⦁ Elbows that are underdeveloped or deformed
⦁ Knee caps that are missing or deformed

7. Leukonychia

This is seen as a condition that whitens the nail’s plate. You may notice it with white streaks on the nail, partial whitening of the nail, or a complete whitening of the nail.

What are the signs of an unhealthy toenail? 

Depending on what condition you’re dealing with will be different symptoms and signs that will occur to show you have an unhealthy toenail. Some of the main common symptoms we see with unhealthy toenails include redness, swelling, pain, and discoloration.

What causes toenail problems? 

Toenail problems can happen in a number of ways, from toenail trauma to genetics, from taking certain medications to many other issues.

When to see a doctor for a toenail problem? If you start to notice any redness that doesn’t go away after a day, swelling that doesn’t go down with icing, pain that is constant and consistent, or any discoloration or unnatural-looking nail, it is best to go see a podiatrist about your toenail issue. Contact New York Foot Experts for toenail problems. For more information call us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you. We serve patients from Wall Street Financial District NY, Harlem NY, Midtown NY, Lower Manhattan NY, Brooklyn NY, and Yorkville NY.

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