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Minor foot and ankle injuries can be treated at home, but more serious injuries need medical attention. Some common foot and ankle injuries include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or tears, broken metatarsal, ankle sprain, or turf toe. If you experience any ankle and foot injury, talk to our team of professionals at New York Foot Experts. Our podiatrist, Dr. Daniel Drapacz, DPM, has received extensive training in foot and ankle surgery, as well as sports medicine from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC.

Ankle and Foot Injuries Near Me in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC
Ankle and Foot Injuries Specialist Near Me in Wall Street, Midtown, and Harlem NYC

Table of Contents:

What services do foot and ankle injuries specialists provide?
What are the most common foot and ankle injuries?
What are the signs of foot and ankle injuries?
When to see a doctor for foot or ankle injuries?

What services do foot and ankle injuries specialists provide? 

At New York Foot Experts, our foot and ankle injury specialist provide the following services:

⦁ Displaced fracture

A displaced fracture whether in the foot or ankle is noted as a broken area. A displaced fracture is commonly caused by a rotational injury, this is where the ankle becomes twisted, rolled, or turned usually during activities like sports, walking, or running.

⦁ Non-displaced fracture

A non-displaced fracture is considered a bone that breaks but has not moved out of alignment, as well as the skin has not broken. Whether it is a displaced fracture or a nondisplaced fracture, both will need treatment.

⦁ Hairline fracture

A hairline fracture in a small crack or severe bruise occurs within a bone. Hairline fractures are most commonly seen in athletes.

⦁ Open or compound fracture

An open or compound fracture is a fracture that occurs when there’s a break in the skin and you can see the broken bone.

⦁ Ankle Sprain & Foot Sprain

An ankle sprain or a foot sprain is when a ligament is either torn fully or partially.

⦁ Achilles Tendon Problems

Achilles tendon problems occur when there is an overuse of the tendon. The tendon is a band of tissue from the calf muscles which are located in the back of your lower leg to your heel bone. This injury commonly occurs in runners who increase their intensity or duration of the run suddenly or individuals who play sports like tennis or basketball.

⦁ Cold compression therapy

Called compression therapy combines multiple therapies and one including rest, ice, compression, and elevation. All of which help reduce the pain and swelling from the injured area.

What are the most common foot and ankle injuries? 

Some of the most common foot and ankle injuries that we see at New York Foot Experts are:

⦁ Achilles’ tendinitis or Achilles’ tear

An individual who suffers from Achilles tendinitis is more susceptible to having a tear in the Achilles or even a full rupture if they deal with repetitive inflammation and even damage that has continued to build up over time. Our foot and ankle specialist will be able to determine the extent of the injury and give a proper diagnosis after a full examination.

⦁ Ankle sprains

Many ankle sprains often can heal with a little bit of rest and ice on and off. However, if pain and swelling are persistent it is important to seek out a podiatrist in case the sprain has left the ankle weak.

Stress fractures

Stress fractures often occur due to repetitive impacts that happen continuously over time, if there is no rest for healing time in between periods it can cause tiny cracks to occur within the bone.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot and ankle injuries to occur in adults. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the facia band of tissue within the arch becomes inflamed, this causes the individual to feel sharp pains in the heel of your foot, most often early in the morning after having long periods of rest when you begin to walk, or after sitting for long periods of time and getting up.

What are the signs of foot and ankle injuries? 

Depending on the foot or ankle injury that you have sustained, the signs and symptoms of them may differ. Some of the most common signs of foot and ankle injuries include pain, swelling, inflammation, and redness.

When to see a doctor for foot or ankle injuries? 

You should see a foot and ankle specialist when it comes to injuries that have been sustained, whether it be from sports or daily use. If you start to feel the pain that continues and does not go away with rest or ice, swelling that gets worse, or redness that begins to be painful to the touch. It is highly recommended to contact our podiatrist. For more information call us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you. We serve patients from Wall Street Financial District NY, Harlem NY, Midtown NY, Lower Manhattan NY, Brooklyn NY, and Yorkville NY.

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