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What You Can Do About Bunions

Based in the Financial District, Midtown and Harlem, New York Foot Experts understand the needs of our patients as they walk around the city for work or pleasure. Bunions can get in the way of our basic daily activities if we don’t care for them properly.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a boney lump that projects from the base of the big toe and as it grows, it pushes the big toe out of position. It will eventually cause arthritis in the joints and in sometimes causes the big toe to cross over the next toe. Once your toes move out of alignment, it will become more difficult to correct the deformity. This could lead you to surgery if the bunion has progressed beyond other treatments.

What causes Bunions?

While the precise cause is not completely known, there is a genetic factor that leads to abnormal foot function. Although shoe wear doesn’t directly cause bunions they can still cause pain and swelling. Other causes include sprains, fractures, nerve injury or trauma.

What symptoms occur with Bunions?

What is the treatment for a Bunion?

Wearing the right footwear is not a cure but can ease some symptoms of pain and discomfort. Padding over the bunion is a simple way to stop the rubbing. Using shoes that lace or have adjustable straps can help since they can be tightened or loosened to fit the width of your feet. Avoiding high heeled and pointy toes shoes is imperative with bunions as it forces the toes to take the shape of the shoe. This happens automatically with the progression of deformity so why encourage it more.

City living requires a lot of walking and your feet are the means of transportation. Treat them to a visit with our bunion specialist, Daniel Drapacz DPM. If you have any concerns about your feet, such as a bunion, call 212-385-0801 to schedule an appointment today. Don’t let a bump in your foot slow you down!

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