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How to get rid of Stinky Feet?

How to get rid of stinky feet?

Why do feet stinks & how to get rid of it.

Most of us are familiar with foot odor, but have you notice some have a stronger odor than the rest? Well this common phenomenon is produced by bacteria, but don´t freak out it´s normal to have bacteria in our skin, the problem arises when bacteria eats all the sweat and excretes the waste causing a strong smell.

If you didn’t know we have more than 250,000 sweat glands each foot, so the more we sweat the worst smell bacteria produces, because you are giving them a whole lot to feed on.

sweaty feet

Of course the rest of our body goes through the same sweating phenomenon but the difference is that hands and other areas of our body doesn’t particularly stinks because the sweat can escape into the air, the armpits being a notable exception.

So what’s different about our feet? The answer is our socks and shoes. When we walk or exercise our feet sweats and socks and shoes absorb this sweat, causing the smell.

Since foot odor is caused by bacteria, is really a matter of cleanliness to prevent or reduce foot odor and reduce bromhidrosis (foot odor).

Here´s the list:

foot deodorant

If your foot odor is really bad and these solutions don’t help much, then you should see a doctor. There are a number of prescription drugs that can treat serious foot odor, some by killing bacteria and some by reducing foot sweat.  Don´t hesitate to contact  Dr.Joseph Loor if you have any questions about foot odor or fungus.

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