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High Heels Hurt

It is known that heels hurt but they’re also bad to our feet, they cause corns and callouses, bunions and even back problems, so we made a post about how heels really hurt you.

Lately researches suggests that wearing those stylish pumps may lead to pain and problems from your hips to your toes

Shortened Calf Muscles

High heels hold the leg in a bent or shortened position for an extended period. A study found that after 20 to 50 years of wear, high heels could shorten the muscle fibers in a woman’s calf by up to 13 percent. This could result in discomfort when trying to wear flat, or low heeled, shoes.


64% of women who report hind foot pain regularly wore high heels or pumps

In order to maintain her balance, a woman wearing high heels will tense her calf, hip and back muscles; this will lead to excess muscle fatigue and cramps.

Joint Degeneration and Knee Osteoarthritis

As heels get higher, more stress is generated on the inside of the knee with each footstep, the resulting compression could damage the joints and lower back.

Ingrown toenails: High heels or pointed-toe shoes create chronic stress on the big toenails, causing improper growth, skin puncture nail trauma or fungal infections.

So, as foot specialist we suggest you to think twice before deciding wear high heels.

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