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Don’t Let Hammertoes Hammer Your Health

Foot and ankle pain can seriously impact your daily routine. In particular, Hammertoes are a bending of the toe at the initial joint. If left untreated, it can lead to immobility of the foot. Our podiatrist, Dr. Daniel Drapacz, can help to treat this condition and also provide surgery if needed. You can visit Dr. Drapacz at New York Foot Experts, located at 65 Broadway Suite 1103, New York, NY 10006, 360 West 125th St Suite 7, New York, NY 10027 or 469 7th Ave Suite 601, New York, NY 10018.    


Hammertoes are deformities of the toe and occur with higher frequency in women, about 80 percent, because women tend to wear high heels and narrow shoes that lead to bending in the center of the joint.


The following can be helpful in preventing this condition from forming:



There are several surgical treatments that may be helpful:



Recovery should not take very long for general procedures, but more complicated treatment requiring the use of pins or screws may compel the need for several months of healing time.


As you can see, Hammertoes, if left untreated can lead to mobility issues, especially for women. Please be aware that there no CT scans or MRI’s done in the office and no in-office physical therapy. Diabetics should seek consultation from elsewhere. If you are experiencing Hammertoes, please contact us online to make an appointment as soon as possible. Take the opportunity to get the very best treatment offered by Dr. Drapacz and you will notice a change for the better with your toes.

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