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City Feet

Bunions, corns and calluses are all part of the life of a woman and her shoes. It’s a small piece but can create large problems with foot ailments if your footwear literally cramps your style.

New York City’s Fashion has a range of practical shoes from sandals to espadrilles and while they look great the question is, do they feel great? Chances are they don’t feel all that good to your feet, especially when walking to work or catching the subway every day. Let’s talk about the three most common problems with wearing the wrong type of shoe.

Common Ailments:

Bunions are a painful swelling on the first joint of your big toe and can eventually deform the shape of your feet. Your toe becomes misaligned and can become swollen and tender and will eventually affect the other toes.

Corns can be annoying and painful bumps on your feet but your body forms them to protect sensitive skin. They occur at pressure points like the bottom of your feet or the sides of your toes.

Calluses are thickening of the outer layer of the skin and are painless. They pop up wherever there is repeated friction from your shoes.

Where there is a bunion there are usually calluses and corns, therefore most of the time all three are a problem at the same time.

Simple Suggestions:

These suggestions are mostly temporary solutions, however there is a surgical option that can be discussed at an office visit with Dr. Daniel Drapacz. Since bunions are a progressive bone condition and can be chronic, surgery may be an option to relieving your pain but let’s let the experts help you decide the best treatment. Based in the Financial District, Midtown and Harlem, New York Foot Experts can be reached at 212-385-0801 to schedule an appointment today. City walking can be healthy plus stylish with the right doctor!

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