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New York Foot Experts, with locations throughout New York City, and Brooklyn, New York, provide safe and effective treatment for all your feet and ankle issues, including the new Clearanail® system for curing toe nail fungus. With Clearanail, the doctors at our practice wipe out toenail fungus for patients throughout the greater New York area.

Clearanail® Q & A

What causes toenail fungus?

You’ve seen them at the beach, yoga class or the locker room; those thickened, brittle, yellow or dark colored toenails. No surprise since there are more than 3 million cases of toenail fungus in our country every year. This common condition not only looks unattractive but can cause the toenail to separate from the nail bed, cause pain and even produce a slightly foul odor. Fungi are microscopic organisms that live in warm, moist places, like swimming pools, showers, and steam rooms. They can take up residence in your skin through microscopic cuts in the nail or a small separation between the nail and nail bed.

Why is toenail fungus so difficult to get rid of?

Traditional treatment options for toenail fungus often don’t work because they are unable to get through the toe’s thick nail plate. 

What is Clearanail® and how does it work to eradicate toenail fungus?

Clearanail’s® is a truly innovative and ground-breaking advancement in treating pesky toenail fungus. It is essentially an 'intelligent' nail drill that utilizes a patented Controlled Micro Penetration™ (CMP) technology to create micro-pathways, or microscopic holes, in toenails. This enables topical anti-fungal medications to penetrate beneath the nail bed and wipe out nasty fungus. These micro-pores remain in the nail until it grows out, which means that patients need only one treatment of Clearanail®.

What does the procedure entail?

First, the doctor will conduct a complete examination of your nail. Then, he or she will use the Clearanail® sterile SUMs™ to penetrate the nail, making holes that are just 0.4 mm in diameter. Lastly, the podiatrist will provide you with a topical regimen to treat the affected nail.

Is the Clearanail® procedure painful?

Not at all. It is completely painless and quick. The micro-holes are drilled through the nail without ever touching the skin beneath.

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