• You have diabetes, even if it is well managed, you are at increased risk to develop vascular disease

    on Nov 14th, 2016

You have diabetes, even if it is well managed, you are at increased risk to develop vascular disease.If y  Vascular disease is the buildup of plaque and cholesterol in your arteries throughout your body.

Did you know that PODIATRISTS are often the first physicians to spot signs of vascular disease?

You should inspect your feet daily and make an appointment with your podiatrist as soon as you develop any foot pain, redness, or sores.

7 Simple Steps to Conduct Your Daily Foot Exam:

We're experts in Diabetic Foot Care.  If you our a family member has diabetes, have a podiatrist check your feet at least twice a year for symptoms, such as loss of sensation, burning, or tingling.  Be proactive!  Prevent diabetic foot complications.

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